Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Richard Manuel is Dead (and Danko too).

So while my good old San Antonio Spurs are taking the piss out of Steve Nash, that silly "Toronto 1" station has actually decided to put on some quality programming: Martin Scorsese's ode to The Band, and a document of their farewell concert, The Last Waltz. What a great movie, about an incredible band. Maybe they weren't the most skilled musicians or performers individually, but together, Danko, Helm, Hudson, Manuel and Robertson epitomized what a rock band should be. And my God, did they have some awesome friends! Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Dr. John, The Staples Singers... You've never lived until you've seen and heard Van Morrison sing "Caravan" with The Band and a 20-plus-piece horn section. What a magical movie about some unquestionably monumental music.

Update! Richard Manuel is perhaps the most underappreciated vocalist of the last fifty years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Steve Nash . . . He is the POINT (with pointing gesture) guard after all.
Maybe since he's out of the playoffs he'll have time to watch the Last Waltz.

6/02/2005 9:59 p.m.  

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