Monday, June 06, 2005

The Weekly, Volume Four

Finery (Coloma)
As fine a microhouse record as I've heard in all the time I've been interested in this kind of music -- which, admittedly is only a couple of years at most. Lots of (gasp!) actual songcraft on display, complimented by great minimalist production values. Soulful, nuanced vocal work by Rob Taylor is also a highlight.

Album #2
Sextant (Herbie Hancock)
Picked this up for $8 this morning at Best Buy (of all places!). I don't have the energy to actually start into a full-fledged jazz review, but suffice to say this is one of those albums that, while not being monstrously great on its own, stands up really well when considering Hancock's catalogue of post-bop-pre-funk era material. Perfectly transitions between the Warner Bros. trilogy of Fat Albert Rotunda, Mwandishi and Crossings, and the popular funk records Headhunters, Thrust and Man Child.

Infernal Affairs III (Andrew Lau)
The final chapter of the Hong Kong police trilogy. IA3 isn't quite on par with the excellent original, but it's no slouch either -- interesting largely due to the psychological aspects of the drama. Although slightly convoluted toward the end, the film is redeemed by a well-executed twist and the fact that it has one of the best "badass-type" characters I've seen in a while.

Crazy opinion with no evidenciary back-up
Chuck Palahniuk is one of most overrated novelists of the last ten years. The ability to craft stylish prose does not equal the ability to write meaningful or compelling stories.

Read on, brave crusaders!


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