Monday, September 26, 2005

Our Time is Coming Soon

Back from a weekend in the O.C. (which is to say, "Ottawa-Carleton Region"), with a small bit of music-based intelligence information:

So I paid the ridiculously low cover of $5 to see The High Dials at Babylon on Sunday night. Now, Ottawa is hardly known for its loving embrace of righteous indie rock bands (I imagine Bryan Adams could still sell out the Corel Centre on $50 tickets), but there were only about 30 people at the club to witness what was one hell of a good show. The band was in high-energy mode all night, performing a good mix of tunes from both A New Devotion and War of the Wakening Phantoms with great aplomb.

Obviously the Montreal quintet is already a reasonable draw in their hometown and Toronto, and they just completed a US tour with the Brian Jonestown Massacre, but I don't think they've really "struck" as of yet on the "scene" (as it were). Make no mistake, if they continue to play quality shows like they did last night, The High Dials will be huge by the end of the year.


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